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Gruppo Mezzacorona was founded in 1904 as a wine growers association to unify grape growers present in Italy’s northernmost regions.
Today, thanks to young forward-thinking management, smart investments and an extreme transformation of grape-growing and winemaking practices, Gruppo Mezzacorona has evolved into a global wine competitor with an impressive portfolio of internationally recognized brands. Headquartered in the Trentino region at the foot of the snow-capped Dolomite Mountains, Gruppo Mezzacorona represents a tight association of 1500 growers who cover a total of 2600 hectares of vineyards in the finest areas of Trentino Alto Adige.
It is here, at the vine, from which the quality of Rotari Metodo Classico derives. An attentive staff consisting of skilled technicians and oenologists support all the member vintners directly with various procedures, controlling the entire life-cycle of the product: from the vine to the harvest and to the bottling.
The Rotari winery is the largest producer of Metodo Classico sparkling wine in Italy and it is the flagship winery of Gruppo Mezzacorona. The structure is perfectly integrated with the surroundings and avails over the best equipment available today.
ROTARI: The name Rotari derives from the Longobard King Autari who fought along the valleys of this territory and made history with his famous "Edict of Rotari", a book about the rules of winemaking.