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El Dorado rum

The best rum in the world for more than 300 years

In the world of rum production, quality is a natural result of age-old experience of the impurity, distilling and aging of this beverage. Demerara Distillers has all these priorities, plus the unique opportunity to produce the best rum in the world. For this purpose, it retains the traditional methods and standards of an old industry, combined with modern technology.
The company is the sole manufacturer of world famous Demerara rum (Demerara Rum), whose name comes from the eponymous region in Guyana.
Products of that great family tradition of classic Demerara Rums  are the White Rum El Dorado - "White Gold of Guyana", the lightest and so mellow on the pallate El Dorado Gold Rum and the so rich of flavors El Dorado Dark Rum. The true connoisseurs are well known of the refined Spiced Rum El Dorado / El Dorado Spiced Rum a precise combination of spices and 5-year rum; and undoubtedly the best, most unique and  consistently winning gold medals in the recent years, awarded "Best best rum in the world " is the 15 year old Rum El Dorado Special Reserve / El Dorado 15 YO Rum Special Reserve. His "younger brother", but also appreciated by many awards is the 12 years old rum El Dorado / El Dorado 12 YO Rum - also with a unique individual taste.  "The oldest" in the family of aged Demerara rums is the 21 years old rum El Dorado Special Reserve / El Dorado 21 YO Rum Special Reserve - a majestic quality rum, perhaps as you'd expected (having in mind the numerous received prizes and medals and even the admiration for his honorable age).
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