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Good taste is never out of fashion - people with good taste have always appreciated those fine spirits.
Once you taste them, it will be easy to understand their name “eaux-de-vie”, which translates from French to "waters of life”- those clear, exquisitely perfumed fruit brandies.

Their aroma is scented by the fruit that made them, their texture is silky and gossamer and their aftertaste is long and enjoy full.

Their makers are so dedicated to the final product. The process begins with carefully choosing the highest quality fruit, hand-picked at the moment of ripeness. Then fruits are mashed, fermented and then distilled twice in traditional copper pot stills, using water bath distillation, which render a clear, intense spirit. It will rest for a few months to become mellower and rounder and to develop its complex character.

It takes about 9 kg of fruit to make one bottle of  “eau-de-vie”.

Traditionally, eaux-de-vie are served as clean, dry, well-defined aperitifs, or later as refreshing, finishing the diner drink – as a digestive. Enjoy them well-chilled and serve them in tulip shaped brandy glass that will concentrate their intense fruit aromas. Of course they can be a chic substitute for vodka in mixed drinks with fruit juices or club soda.