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Signatory is probably the most pretentious independent Scotch whiskey bottler in the world. Put their signature on malts from the best distilleries in Scotland by selecting the best single batches and bottling only the best barrels in these batches. The resulting "single, single, single malt" is as exceptional as it is obtained without mixing. What does "single, single, single malt" mean?
Each bottle of Signatory has the unique aroma, color and age profile of a barrel. Each bottle of Signatory Scotch can be identified as follows: date of distillation, bottling date, bottle number and bottle number.
Why buy from Signatory?

They bottle a barrel, taking advantage of the unique color and aroma characteristics of each individual barrel. Commercial distilleries bottled several barrels at the same time. To ensure that each batch is the same color as the next one, they sometimes add caramel stains. This is something Signatory never does. When it comes to taste, the biggest Scotches names use a cold filtering process. This removes most of the fat and oil naturally occurring in the malt, which contributes to the unique taste and creates a little haze in the liquid. Large distilleries use cold filtering to eliminate this turbidity and provide consistent flavors in their blends. On the other hand, Signatory tries to improve the natural flavor and body of each barrel with their non-cooling process. What remains for consumers is scotch straight from the barrel - as real and natural as it has been in the barrel!