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Teroldego Riserva D.O.C.

Teroldego is a local varietal of the North of Italy strictly “linked” with the very specific soil of the area where it is coming from: Piana Rotaliana. a flat area located 20 km north of Trento. This area is exactly between two rivers Adige - the second longest river in Italy after Po, and Noce a local smaller river. It is protected by mountains on all sides. The Dolomite Mountains bring cool air into the valley in summer and protect the vineyards against the cold in winter. The soil of the area is alluvial with an upper level of cultivable soil ( 50-80cm) and a sandy, pebbly stratified skeleton that witnesses recent floods. This soil is carachterized by great freshness and no water stagnation.
Teroldego Riserva is produced only in the best vintages from an accurate selection of manually harvested grapes of the best Piana Rotaliana vineyards, i.e. “Fron”, “Rauti”, “Catorzi” and “Sottodossi”. “Teroldego” seems to derive from “Tiroler Gold”, the name that indicated this wine at the Court of Vienna under the Austro-Hungarian empire. From this name came the “Tiroldico” and finally Teroldego. It has D.O.C. status since 18 February 1971.
Among the Trentino wines it is certainly the most famous and rightfully called the royal wine of Trentino. This Riserva is produced only in the best vintages from manually harvested grapes.

PRODUCTION-AREA: Trentino - Valle dell’Adige, at the foothills of the Dolomites.
VINIFICATION: Pressing with separation of the stems. Maceration of the skins with frequent repassing of the must. Fermentation at controlled temperature of 25°C for 12 – 13 days. 24 months of aging, of which 12 in oak barrels (Allier and Troncais) and final refining in the bottle.
CHARACTERISTICS: Colour: intense ruby red; Fragrance: complex, characteristic, with a pleasant aroma of ripe fruit (plums, blackberries, cranberry and blackcurrant), accompanied by the spicy notes which derive from the aging in oak barrels; Flavour: full-bodied, well-balanced, pleasantly tannic
PAIRINGS: A wine of great character, it pairs well with stews, roasted and grilled red meats and flavourful cheese. Ideal with Risotto al Teroldego
Vintage available: 2012
Bottling available: 0.75



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