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Pinot Grigio D.O.C.

Mezzacorona only vinifies grapes of its own production.

PRODUCTION-AREA: Trentino - Valle dell’Adige, at the foothills of the Dolomites.
CHARACTERISTICS: Traditional white wine vinification at controlled temperatures of around 18-20°C; modern taste, straw-yellow in color, pleasant bouquet, delicate, fruity, dry in flavor, elegant, and well balanced.
PAIRINGS: Hors-d’oeuvres, white meats and fish.

Bottling available: 0.75

Mezzacorona wines are modern, elegant wines. Their role is to be part of our food. There are not very strong wines, which might make so as to lose the taste of the dish. They are good company for most dishes - are designed so that they can drink both alone and with dinner or lunch.
We suspect that many of you have any idea what is Pinot Grigio, but the market is different and also different qualities of Pinot Grigio. Mezzacorona focus on producing high quality Pinot Grigio.
Mezzacorona for this most important variety, the whole valley is planted with Pinot Grigio as it is the most typical area for him.
Mezzacorona is the largest producer of Pinot Grigio in the world. For them the idea of this wine is it is typical Italian Pinot Grigio, made from 100% Pinot Grigio grapes (exclusively with grapes from their own vineyards Mezakorona Group), the most typical region for Pinot Grigio - Trentino (the fact is that Pinot Grigio is made all over Italy, but three trayoni about it are "Trentino", "Veneto and Friuli).
The Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio is Trentino DOC regulated wine (most of Pinot Grigio wines in the Bulgarian market are "IGT the la Venetia").
On the vinification of this wine, it is done in a traditional way of making white wine: Grapes are picked by hand and delivered as quickly as possible to the cellar, be paid immediately by the clusters and skins, pressing slightly. Must (grape juice) is cooled. It fermented in steel tanks, which is controlled very seriously okay with 18-20 ° C. There is no oak, because the typical Italian Pinot Grigio should not have to be matured in oak. If you look carefully you will see a light straw yellow color. In the nose you can feel pleasant fruity flavor, slightly flowery / floral with hints. Has the flavor of fruits grown in this region - pears, apples, peaches yellow, even mango. The taste is dry with fresh acidity. Elegant wine with a delicate fruity flavor and well balanced refreshing dry finish (characteristic qualities of this variety). Became very popular after a previous wave of oak and luscious chardonnay. Become a very popular wine in Italy before he arrived about 100 years and located in Trentino most favorable conditions.
Indeed, it is important to note QUALITY you get for your money. You can see how well it fulfills the condition Mezzacorona price-quality ratings given for different vintages from the world famous magazines. Classic wines from the series "I Classici" are positioned to Mezzacorona 86-88 points in the category of the most authoritative magazine Wine Spectator / Wine Enthusiast. This is where you Mezzacorona seek to run for their classic Pinot Grigio - 86-87-88 points. Those magazines put him on the Top 100 wines for 2007 falls into the category of best buy for price / quality ratio.

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