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El Dorado Rum 21 YO, Special Reserve Rum

A rum of supreme quality.
El Dorado 21 year old made by Demerara Distillers – Guyana (South-America) is a exquisite rum.
In this blend of select aged rums, each of the constituent rums is at least 21 years old.
Some are much older and can be as old as 25 years.
This drink is best savored on its own; with 21 years in the making it deserves time and indulgence.

The 21 year old El Dorado rum is based on rum from the only operational wooden continuous Coffey still in the world,.
This still was first erected at the Enmore Estate in 1832.
The Master Blender is using, amongst others, rums from the continuous Savalle still, Uitvlugt Estate and continuous Coffey still, Diamond Estate to create this exquisite blend of vintage Demerara rums.

The rums are aged in oak barrels in Guyana (South-America) with its ideal climate for ageing.
At temperatures of 30 – 34 degrees Celsius the oxidation process is more rapid and creates delicate aromas.
Under these conditions, unwanted congeners are absorbed easily by the oak wood.
The loss of these congeners is called mellowing and this process continues for as long as the rum is in direct contact with wood.
Most of the rums are stored in used Bourbon barrels sometimes re-charred on the inside to help impart more of the character from the wood.

Tasting Notes:
The dark brown color is telling about the richness and depth in the body.
Magnificent nose filled with old brown sugar, prune, espresso, dark chocolate, caramel, leather and vanilla.
Rich and full in the mouth with all the flavors in wonderful harmony.
Sweet cradle carries the rich and mellow feel towards a long, drying finish.
A really super, satisfying rum.

Recent Awards:
- International Wine & Spirits Competition, London 2009 – Gold “best in class”
- International Wine & Spirits Competition, London 2008 – Gold “best in class”
- International Wine & Spirits Competition, London 2007 – Silver “best in class”
- International Wine & Spirits Competition, London 2006 – Silver “best in class”
- International Wine & Spirits Competition, London 2005 – Gold “best in class”

The El Dorado 21YO Special Reserve Rum is packed in a gold embossed “Navy Blue” presentation box illustrated with a maritime design, underlying Demerara Distillers association with ancient maritime traditions.
The unique custom designed bottle was inspired by the shape of the old hand blown flasks used over centuries ago by the sugar planters on the banks of the Demerara River.
Bottled at 43 % alcohol by volume, 0.7 l.

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