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El Dorado white

A superior white rum distilled by Demerara Distillers of Guyana (South-America).
Light, dry and amazingly subtle.
A rum with all its flavour components in perfect harmony.
Highly versatile rum, perfect in cool refreshing long drinks.

The continuous stills at the Diamond complex of Demerara Distillers are used to distill this superior rum.

The El Dorado Superior White rum is first lowered to 80% ABV.
This slows down the evaporation process during ageing.
The rum is aged for at least two years.
The color, due to ageing, is filtered out using a charcoal filtration process resulting in a colorless, clean product.

Tasting Notes:
Colorless. Inviting nose filled with toffee-like characters, fudge, Demerara sugar and vanilla.
Beautifully rounded mouth filled with flavors as promised on the nose with spicy notes including cinnamon.
Great, smooth texture. Tasty, spicy finish.

Recent Awards:
 International Wine & Spirits Competition, London 2007 – Silver, best in Class
 International Wine & Spirits Competition, London 2006 – Silver medal

Bottled at 37.5 % alcohol by volume, bottle 0.7l and 1.0l.