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Spiced El Dorado Rum

The combination of Demerara rum and natural spices allows you to taste the passion of the Caribbean.
The El Dorado Spiced rum is discerning and smooth rum by Demerara Distillers of Guyana (South-America).
Serving, sip straight or create a cool long drink.

The stills at the Diamond complex of Demerara Distillers are used to create the base of this superb rum.

The Master Blender of Demerara Distillers uses rums that are aged for five years.
The rums are flavored with natural spices such as oranges, lemon, lime, cinnamon and a secret combination of other spices only know to a chosen few.
The resulting product is distinctively mellow with nice hints of spices.

Tasting Notes:
Mellow with subtle nuances of orange, lemon a cinnamon.
A genuinely smooth yet rich aroma of Caribbean flavors.

Recent Awards:
 International Wine & Spirits Competition, London 2006 – Silver Medal

Bottled at 37.5 % alcohol by volume, bottle 0.7 l.