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Bottling: 0.7l – 25% аlc. by volume.

No less than 120 grams of blueberries in each bottle.
Sophisticated liqueur with fresh tasting sweetish flavour coming from an expert blend of alcohol, grappa and natural infusions of blueberries, no less than 120 grams of blueberries are then added.
Both the aroma and the taste are fruit explosion of forest blueberry fruits, the finish is mild and long lasting.

You may drink it as an after dinner digestive; to garnish your dessert (sorbets, ise cream, pancakes, ets.) or even as an dessert.
Excellent for mixed drinks with vodka; with dry vermouth; with rum, or as base for a blueberry daiquiri; with prosecco - pour 20 ml Blueberry Marcati in a cocktail glass and fill the glass with Prosecco.

One easy to take and so delightful antioxidant!