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Hekate is a Passito wine naturally sweetened with the Sicilia IGT appellation.

GRAPES: Moscato and other varieties of aromatic white grapes (chardonnay, sauvignon, viognier …) from an experimental vineyard.

After ripening occurs, the grapes undergo a natural withering process of about 4-6 weeks. At the end of September/beginning of October the grapes, now completely dried out like raisins, are softly pressed. The must extracted is rich in sugar and aromas and is set aside to ferment in stainless steels tanks at controlled temperatures for 7-8 months. Refinement in the bottle occurs for a minimum of 4 months before the wines are shipped into the markets.

The bouquet of aromas Hekate offers is a myriad of sensations that start from the first note with dried flowers and chamomile, to white-fleshed peaches, dried apricots, honey, and spicy herbs. The final note is persistent with quality balsamic and sweetened tastes.

Dessert wine, shows its best features with traditional Sicilian sweets like cannolis, ice cream cake with candied fruits, amaretti (almond flavored cookies) and pistachio flavored desserts. Perfect also with baked desserts like fruit tarts, walnut cake and hazelnut cookies. For a more creative pairing, try hard semi-sharp cheeses or tropical fruit.


Serve at 14-16º C, in a tulip-shaped dessert wine glass. Open at the moment of consumption.
Bottling available: 0.5l

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