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Grappa di Amarone 0.7

This grappa is obtained by distilling the selected grape skins of the great wine from Veneto – Amarone. Refined in oak barrels.

40% alc./vol, 0.7l

Color: Amber-color
Aroma:  Full intensity and a rich typical aroma with overlapping raisin and spicy notes
Flavour: Mild, fresh taste with a persistent delicate finish and slightly bitter nuances.

Serving temperature: 14°-16° C.

Traditionally in Italy Grappa is served in small glasses at the end of the meal or after the meal, to help digestion. The best way is to swirl gently the glass and then first to feel the aroma with the nose, before tasting. Enjoy in small sips, either sipped alone or with some dry cakes or biscuits, chocolate. The oak barrels adds the finishing touch to the full, rounded taste and some preffer it with cigars.