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Grappa Riserva 1.5

This smooth and aromatic grappa is obtained by selected grapes.
Aged in oak barrels for at least eighteen months.

40% alc./vol, 1.5l
You will find the bottle so elegant and attractive. Very suitable for elegant serving in good restaurants.

Color: Dark amber
Aroma:  Aromatic with deep fruit bouquet; yet delicate - typical for the noble aging.
Flavour: Soft and elegantly aromatic, velvety and round taste with persisting finish

Serving temperature: 14°-16° C.

Enjoy in small tulip shaped glasses at room temperature at the end of the meal. Excellent after the meal, it is ideal with your favorite coffee. The aging in oak barrels adds the finishing touch to the full, rounded taste and some preffer it with cigars.

Offered in fancy 0.7l bottle.