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El Dorado rum 3 YO

A fine Cask Aged White Rum, aged for at least 3 years in 45 gallon former Bourbon oak casks, this superb mixing rum is double filtered through natural charcoal for great clarity and purity.

This rum is a blend of two unique rums distilled on the French Savalle Column Still on two different operational settings.
The French Savalle Still is now in operation at the Diamond Distillery, the home of the El Dorado Rums.
This truly versatile still originates from the former Uitvlugt Estate and has the capability to produce nine different rum marks. Two of these marks “SWR” – Skeldon White Rum and “B” – Blairmont are used to create this unique blend.

The rums are aged in oak barrels in Guyana (South-America) with its ideal climate for ageing.
At temperatures of 30 – 34 degrees Celsius the oxidation process is more rapid and creates delicate aromas.
Under these conditions, unwanted congeners are absorbed easily by the oak wood.
The loss of these congeners is called mellowing and this process continues for as long as the rum is in direct contact with wood.
Most of the rums are stored in used Bourbon barrels sometimes re-charred on the inside to help impart more of the character from the wood.

Tasting Notes:
Citrus and vanilla nose enhanced by notes of chocolate and raisins.
Smooth rounded palate with coconut – fruity with a dry finish. Balanced yet full flavoured.

Bottled at 40 % alcohol by volume.
Stylish bottle 0.7 l.

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