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Chardonnay Riserva D.O.C.

The Riserva is produced from a grape selection of the best vineyards, which are grown on the hills of Trentino valleys between 250 and 500 meters. The grapes grown by Mezzacorona members are harvested fully ripe, their golden yellow color is a sign of high aromatic richness.
PRODUCTION AREA: Mezzacorona cultivates Chardonnay on midaltitude hills, between 250 and 500 meters.
VINIFICATION: The bouquet is mature and complex, with notes of aromatic herbs and ripe fruit like melon, peach, yellow and red apple.
CHARACTERISTICS: This wine offers delicate notes of vanilla, almond and hezelnut coming from the refinement in wood. Mature and fragrant wine.
PAIRINGS: It enhances fish and white meets, first course dishes, meat and baked fish, second course dishes. It is perfect complement to mid-seasoned cheeses.
Vintage available: 2015
Bottling available: 0.75