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El Dorado Rum 25 YO, Special Reserve Rum

El Dorado 25 YO

A rum of extraordinary quality, aged for 25 years in barrels, this is an extremely rare rum.
This product by Demerara Distillers – Guyana (South-America) is totally unique to the rum industry.
Limited quantities are produced every three to five years.
The rums used for the 25 year old El Dorado rum are carefully selected under the supervision of Mr. Yesu Persaud – Chairman of Demerara Distillers.
Only the best and most exclusive casks distilled on the unique wooden stills of the former Enmore, Versailles and Port Mourant Sugar Estates are used.
The resulting blend is unique to the rum industry and indeed the world.
The rums are aged in oak barrels in Guyana (South-America) with its ideal climate for ageing.
At temperatures of 30 – 34 degrees Celsius the oxidation process is more rapid and creates delicate aromas.
Under these conditions, unwanted congeners are absorbed easily by the oak wood.
The loss of these congeners is called mellowing and this process continues for as long as the rum is in direct contact with wood.
Most of the rums are stored in used Bourbon barrels sometimes re-charred on the inside to help impart more of the character from the wood.
Tasting Notes:
If you are privileged and honored to taste this product then your perception of rum will change forever.
This is unique and to describe its qualities in a small paragraph would do it an injustice.
The pleasure is smooth, warm with subtle touches of a caramel and a finish second to none.
This exquisite rum is unprecedented in quality.
Recent Awards:
International Wine & Spirits Competition, London 2006 – Silver “best in class”
The El Dorado 25 year old Demerara Rum is attractively packed in a very special decanter, and, in a black, gold embossed cylindrical container