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Port Mourant - PM

Bottled at cask strength of 61,4% in 2015This unique 100% the Port Mourant Estate is reckoned as one of the oldest estates in the world. The historic run marque produced on the Wooden Double Pot Still is referred to as PM.This rare single marque run is aged in ex-bourbon barrels warehouse for more than 15 years.The bottling is done in Guyana at cask strength of 61,4% without chill filtering the product, this to further preserve the unique profile. In our core aged El Dorado range the PM is an important blend element of the 15 Years Old.

Tasting Notes:

*  Deep golden amber colour.*  Smoky, earthy and spice aromas of great intensity, with baked apples, spices like vanilla of liquorice and dry fruits like almond and nuts, balanced with the critic notes of candy orange.
*  In mouth it is flavourful dry, warm but not hot, with vibrant notes of wood, sweet spices, dry fruit like hazelnuts and candy, citric fruits. Nice balance between the sweet notes and the elegant bitterness; full body rum, warm with a soft finish.
*  Excellent rum in a very in a very attractive Demerara style, but with nice balance and elegant personality.