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Distillery:  ARDBERG
Distillation Date: 1991
Age (years old): 25
ABV:   48.2%
Bottling Date Year: 2016
   Ooh, an indie bottling of Ardbeg, and a very handsome one at that! This is a 25 year old Ardbeg, distilled in March 1991 and bottled in June 2016 by the chaps from Douglas Laing for their Xtra Old Particular range. 207 bottles of top-notch Islay whisky were produced.

Nose: Sooty notes at first, hiding deeper wafts of chocolate truffle and thick malt.

Palate: Oak spice and bonfire embers. Still a little bit chocolatey and coastal.

Finish: A long, full finish. Sea air persists.