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Mezzacorona is surrounded by a region rich in natural beauty, castles, history and tradition. Mountain peaks of the Dolomites alternate with plains and natural terraces, where vines have been cultivated forever.
Here Mezzacorona cultivates it’s very own vineyards using the traditional “pergola” growing system (about 98%) and the modern, international “espalier” system. The “pergola” growing system comes from the tradition of producing high-quality, manually worked vineyards, where man is the main actor. This gives the villages in the countryside their characteristic and highly-recognizable structure, reminiscent of a wave.
The particularly varied composition of terrain and the various climatic areas, from Sub-Mediterranean to Alpine have allowed the various grape varieties to find their ideal habitat and to reveal the best of their very own natural characteristics.
Mezzacorona cultivates each variety only in the areas where they grow best: Teroldego in the Piana Rotaliana, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay along the Valle dell’Adige and Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon near Garda Lake. In March 2001, Gruppo Mezzacorona decided, as one of the first companies from the north of Italy, to invest in Italy’s most southern region “Sicily” (see the “Feudo Arancio – Stemmari" brand in our portfolio).
The established ecological approach to the production of wines is very important about Mezzacorona. This does not mean that the wines are "Organic" but most are limited and treatment of chemicals in the vineyards and wine production and the negative influences of the process of production.