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Located in the heart of the Dolomites, Rotari is equipped with the best technology and tools for producing quality spumante. Rotari is on the cutting edge of metodo classico production processes, from preparing the cuvée base, to the remuage, to the degorging and ultimate shipping of Rotari.

At the center of the Rotari winery there is a room for aging and refinement of the product. In fact, over 8 million bottles of Talento reside here as they mature, obtaining the aromas and perfumes characteristic of Rotari.

The architecture of the winery is perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment. Its roof, which imitates waves, reflects the appearance of the vineyards with pergola trellising that encompass the winery.

A pleasant and exciting guided visit through this dynamic winery will allow you to discover the ancient and fascinating art of Talento Metodo Classico.