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The winery

Deep in the foundations of the magnificent Dolomites, in northern Italy, rises the charming city of wine, which became an emblem of modern oenological advances. Entirely built from natural materials, while ultra-modern building is fully consistent and merging with the environment.
With so many vineyards (in general giving more wine than the whole Chianti Classico region) and a variety of grapes for sorting through his collection period of the grapes here is proper logistics center, a wine-making is a real challenge, which needs a few years ago team of architects, engineers and oenologists designed and created this showcase of expensive wine is not less than 130 million dollars.
Starting from the measurement stations (in the truck a few places to make samples of the characteristics of the grapes from which it depends for its subsequent time), receiving and pressing of grapes arrived, going through the vast areas (located below ground to reduce the use of air conditioners for the Conservation of Nature) with multiple tanks for fermentation in stainless steel to the cellars where barrels lie in barriques for continuous monitoring of humidity, the only way to achieve constancy in the maintained quality.
Placing emphasis on quality to the ultimate consumer of wine in the possession of Gruppo Mezzacorona one of the largest laboratories of its kind in Italy continually make numerous laboratory tests.
Certainly bottling and packaging lines are again ultramodern while complying with nature.
I can not make you an impression entirely illuminated by the sun, with glass partitions and walls of the teams working office managers from around the world, the world responsible for the final product and brand development.
But if you look beyond the glass walls you will see an endless view of vineyards, representing the ancient traditions of these places.
Remaining faithful to its tradition for more than a century, Mezzacorona wines are elegant and fresh, expressing the beauty of their natural environment.