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The independent bottlers and mechanism of the whisky industry

Short explanation about the whisky industry mechanism:

The whisky companies:  A few major companies own most of the distilleries, though there are some independent owners. 
The distilleries: They make the malt whisky. Most of it goes to be blended, a small amount goes to be bottled as single malt.
Brokers: Some excess malt is put on the market and is bought by brokers.
Independent bottlers: They buy malt from a range of sources – including brokers – and bottle it under their own brand name.

In fact, the independent bottlers play an important role in the whiskey industry. They serve to the growing interest and thirst for rare, special whiskeys of lovers and connoisseurs in the captivating world of whiskey. The Independent bottlers may offer enviable range of bought back in the time valuable barrels from mothballed (closed) and sometimes even destroyed distilleries, which would otherwise not be available on the market. This way they protect from extinction some really valuable malts, which remain to ripen at their discretion, provide bottled and marketed under their own special label. The precious liquid was aged in barrels by them, as they see fit. Some emphasize the construction of limited series rare malts, single malt from specially selected barrels purchased from brokers or directly from the distillery. So the lovers have the opportunity to try rare vintages or their favorite whiskey distillery, matured in different types of barrels (of wine, rum, sherry, etc.) or bottled in different years than the standard bottling. Some independent bottlers include in their range "Cask Strength Whiskies", which means that no water was added before bottling whiskey and the alcohol degree is about 50 degrees and sometimes more. Other attractive features of some independent bottlers are "No chill filtration" or "No coloring", which means that it has not undergone a cold (chill) filtration or was not added colors.

This of course is allowed by the law just to a few licensed companies in Scotland, among the oldest and imposed names, offering all these exceptional features are our partners, Douglas Laing, already on the Bulgarian market for the connoisseurs.