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El Dorado Rum – Product of Guyana

Guyana - Introduction
Guyana is a tropical country situated on the northern coast of South-America.

Guyana – History
Guyana was first charted by Spain in 1499, and came under Dutch control by the mid-1700’s. The Dutch founded three colonies – Essequibo, Demerara and Berbice.
After a battle in 1814 with The Dutch, by this time supported by the French, Britain gained possession of Guyana. In 1831 the British administration merged the three colonies into British Guyana. On May 26th, 1966 Guyana gained independence from the British. Four years later on February 23rd, 1970 Guyana became a republic and since this time the official name is Republic of Guyana.

Guyana – Location & language
Guyana is the only country in South America having English as the official language.  It is bordered by Venezuela on the West, Suriname on the East, Brazil on the South and the Atlantic Ocean to the North. Although being located in the main land of South-America Guyana is officially part of the Caribbean.
Guyana has an area of 214,969 sq km, about the size of Great Britain and has approximately 775.000 inhabitants.

Guyana – Tropical climate
Guyana’s climate is equatorial, hot but pleasant for most of the year, with a mean shade temperature of 27 °C and an average temperature of 24 to 31°C.
The heat is tempered by sea breezes on the coast.
There are two wet seasons, extending roughly through May and June and from December to the end of January, though rainfall patterns vary widely.

Guyana – Land of many waters
The name Guyana is an Amerindian word meaning Land Of Many Waters.
8,5% of Guyana is water, hence the nickname.
Kaieteur is one of the highest waterfalls in the world, being nearly five times as high as the Niagara Falls in North-America.The Falls have a clear drop of 225 meter, then a further drop of 25 meter over the great rocks at the bottom. Kaieteur was discovered in 1870 by C. Barrington Brown, who also discovered Orinduik and Kuribrong Falls. The name Kaieteur is an Amerindian word, and the falls should properly be called Kai-Tuk.

Guyana – The Capital
Georgetown being the chief port and capital is situated on the right bank of the Demerara River estuary. In Georgetown, familiar landmarks include the lively Stabroek Market, the sea-wall and the Anglican cathedral of St. George, the tallest wooden building in the world.

Guyana –The link to Demerara
A river is called Demerara…
A county of Guyana is called Demerara…
A famous Rum producer is called Demerara…