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El Dorado Rum – a tradition in rum since 1670

In Guyana, on the tropical North Coast of South-America, Demerara Distillers has been processing sugar cane since the 17th century. The tradition continues to this day where dedication to the great “art of rum production” meets modern know-how and tradition to put quality in the spotlight. Since its introduction in the market, the premium El Dorado brand name has become synonymous worldwide with finest quality rum. El Dorado rum has been awarded prize after prize for its outstanding quality.

A world famous brand name
Demerara Distillers first introduced El Dorado Rum in 1992 and registered the name as a trademark.
The name was taken from the legend of a King wearing golden robes and living in a golden city known as Manoa, referred to by the Spaniards as El Dorado.
Treasure hunters, following intensive geographical research, believed to have found the original location of the infamous golden city in the Rupununi region of Guyana.
This brought about a gold rush to South-America’s North Coast.
Although the golden city and its treasures were never found, still the adventurers remained in the country, eventually earning their living from raising sugar cane.
This gave birth to sugar production in Guyana and along with it the production of rum – Guyana’s liquid gold.