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Distilled Spirits from the Walcher Estates Distillery: South Tyrol

„During the distillation process, we extract nothing Mother Nature hasn’t put there, herself."

Theodor Walcher

Special Celebrations Require the Best in Taste.

Fine distilled spirits, liqueurs, and grappa from the Alfons Walcher Estates Distillery in Frangart-Eppan / Frangarto-Appiano are a source of enjoyment for special occasions. 

This traditional distillery uses the waterbath distillation process – a complicated method suitable for use only with the highest-quality raw materials. The table-quality fruits we use come exclusively from agricultural lands under integrated or organic cultivation. In gentle distillation steps, the master distiller extracts the natural essences characteristic of the region.

Alcoholic spirits from the Walcher Estates Distillery thus achieve standards of taste and quality which have been acknowledged with the highest international honors.

Regional Authenticity, Tradition, Sustainability - the three pillars of Walcher Quality:

  • Our region is a leader in taste. The table-quality fruits come from the largest contiguous fruit and grape-growing area of South Tyrol and the special waterbath distillation process. This is your guarantee for excellence in taste.
  • Our distillery can look back on a proud tradition spanning nine generations. This has made us what we are today: A distillery family with stringent quality standards and a commitment to producing fine spirits characterized by a unique taste and the recipient of international acclaim.
  • Their respect for the environment of South Tyrol underscores our great sense of responsibility. The products used are products derived from Mother Nature. That's why all of their efforts focus on nature –environmentally-safe distilling methods, and serious environmental policies and innovative tehniques. Resulting in products which you can enjoy with a clear conscience.