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The Walcher Estates Distillery: Time-Honored Distillery Tradition & Innovative Ecological Methods

Location: A Special Microclimate for Especially High-Quality Taste

The Walcher Estates Distillery is located in the largest fruit cultivation area of South Tyrol. Here, in a region blessed by Mediterranean warmth, with more than 280 days of sunshine per year, and with relatively cool nights, fruits find ideal conditions for growing with an especially intensive flavor. Walcher use only the best table-quality fruits grown according to ecological principles and also organic farming fruits to make their destilates, grappa, schnapps, liqueurs, and fine brandies.

Rich in Experience: A Country Distillery in the Family for Nine Generations

Walcher know exactly what they are doing. They have been in the business of producing alcoholic spirits for nine generations. The Turmbachhof, their ancestral estate in the hamlet of Turmbach, dates back to the 12th Century, and has been worked by the Walcher Family for nine generations. With a license dating back to the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empress Maria-Theresia and a fixed daily quota, the manufacture of top-quality spirits is their way of life. And it’s a way of life they love.

A Successful Balance of Innovation & Tradition

It wasn’t always easy, enhancing their family tradition with modern ideas, but they have managed to achieve a successful balance with innovative distillation technology and company policies based on the concept of environmental sustainability. Their operational methods reflect their concern for the environment. And they are still distilling alcoholic beverages, fine brandies, and other high-quality spirits using their time-honored waterbath process. Their herbal schnapps, fine liqueurs, and brandies get all the time they need to achieve the perfect degree of maturity.