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bottlingGlenfarclas is bottled at Broxburn Bottlers, near Edinburgh. Prior to bottling the casks are emptied into vats, enabling the flavours to ‘marry’ together. By using two types of cask, plain oak, and sherry, all Glenfarclas is bottled at natural colour. Depending on the age selected and the stocks available, the ratio is usually two-thirds sherry to one-third plain.

Prior to bottling the alcohol strength is adjusted with water to 40%, 43% and 46%. However, for the 105 Cask Strength at 60% abv, since it has naturally evaporated (the Angel’s Share) and reduced in alcohol from the filling strength of 63.5% abv to the required 60% abv, 105 proof. It reaches 60% between 8 and 10 years of maturation.