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Douglas Laing & Co

Please accept our apologies for not writing to you in Bulgarian – but we hope you can understand our English (even if we are from Scotland!).
We hope you enjoy reading a little bit of our history from the new web site of our good friends at Optimist – and that with a little more information on our company, our old fashioned style, allied to a long history in the Scotch Whisky business – you will have the confidence to consider a purchase of some of our Single Barrel Single Malt Scotch Whiskies.
Our Father Fred Douglas Laing founded our company 60 years ago in 1949 and his integrity, demand for quality, and spirit still pervades our family owned company today.  Yes, we have moved focus a little away from our Blended Scotch Whiskies, with which our Father started the business – and we are bottling a lot of our stocks in selected Single Barrels under Old Malt Cask and Provenance labels but our Father would still recognise the absolute demand for “quality in all things” that we still try to bring to the market today.  Why are they different from other Scotch Whiskies?  Selecting these barrels on the attributes of nose, palate and finish that we detect – we then decide to bottle them in a real old fashioned artisan and traditional style – at a high strength that does not require chill filtration. That may sound bad to you – but by following that route we leave all the essential oils, fats and tasting characteristics in the bottle. You will only need to uncork one of them to detect the difference between our bottlings and those of a more “industrial” nature, which may be bottled at a lower strength.
We could go into more detail here but we must really allow our whiskies to do the talking and so we hope armed with this information – and more from the Optimist web site – you may have the confidence to invest in some of these highly rated Malts.  You will become part of the ever growing group of connoisseurs for around the World (who buy our whiskies at Harrods and Fortnum & Mason etc) to enjoy our vintage bottlings at the same leisurely pace these old whiskies have waited for you in our cold, dark Scottish warehouses.

All best wishes from our cold, dark Scottish offices!
Fred Laing and Stewart Laing