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The spirit of independance

Established in 1836, Glenfarclas has remained independent,family run and owned, for over 170 years.
The story of Glenfarclas Distillery is as rich and colourful as the great Glenfarclas Single Highland Malt Whisky that bears its name. It is the story of one Scottish family, the Grants, who since 1865 have been united by a single vision - the creation of the perfect malt whisky, the ultimate taste of Scotland.
It all began with John Grant; born in 1805 at the farm of Lynbeg in Speyside, he spent most of his life on his beloved farm of Blairfindy with his wife Barbara. He was a highly successful farmer, owning several farms in the area and breeding champion Aberdeen Angus cattle.
So it was only natural for John Grant to be interested in the farm of Rechlerich, on the Ballindalloch Estate, when it became vacant in 1865. Rechlerich Farm was also renowned in the area for the Glenfarclas Distillery; established in 1836 by the previous tenant, Robert Hay. When John Grant signed the tenancy agreement in 1865, he purchased the distillery for £511.19s 0d. Nestled in the fertile grassland, the farm proved an ideal halfway staging post for cattle being driven between the many farms in Glenlivet and the market in Elgin. The drovers would stop and water their cattle at the farm, rest their weary feet, and enjoy the restorative powers of a dram or two of Glenfarclas Cask Strength.
With the fame of Glenfarclas spreading beyond its homeland, John Grant and his son George Grant went into partnership in 1870, and later founded the family firm J. & G. Grant to manage the business of distilling. After many years of hard work, family commitment and shrewd accounting, the future of Glenfarclas was secure in the hands of the Grant family.
Throughout the 1900’s, business continued to thrive, receiving a welcome boost in 1952, with the reform of the Spirits Act, which allowed production to virtually double overnight. Previously, it had been forbidden to mash and distil at the same time, and to work on a Sunday.
The fourth generation of this remarkable Speyside family, George S. Grant, Chairman for 52 years, sadly passed away in 2002. John L.S. Grant, his son, who joined the company in 1973, succeeds his father as Chairman. He also has a son, and carrying on the family tradition, his name is George. Representing the sixth generation of the Grants, he too has joined the company, and looks set to continue the legacy of his forefathers.

From the grain to the glass - that’s the magic of Glenfarclas”

Ben Rinnes - purple in autumn and snow clad in winter, its heather covered rise up majestically behind Glenfarclas Distillery, nestled in “the glen of the green-grassland” below. Fed by the melting snows of winter, crystal clear spring water bubbles up from the granite below, providing Glenfarclas with the purest water, to be transformed into the ‘water of life’.