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Extra Old Particular is a series by Douglas Laing. It is unique and consists of individual and hand-selected Single Cask Malts and Single Cask Grain from a variety of distilleries located across the land of Scotland. Each bottle is made according to criteria set by the distillers and bears their name. This is why each of them is unique. The XOP series products are only colorless, cask strenght bottled and cold filtered. Each label has a brief annotation, years of aging and bottling.

Distillery: Port Ellen
Number of bottles: 227
Distilled: May 1979
Bottled: September 2015
Aged: 36 years
Alcohol content: 56,6%

Aroma: The nose opens to the elegant Islay style, which has the scent of peat, malted barley, dunes and green fruits, fruit salad and lemons.

Taste: There is a slight taste of tobacco in the palate, which is combined with that of burnt butter and vanilla fudge. Reminds of wet soil.

Finale: Warm and spicy. It ends with a slight hint of a combination of smoke, leather, salt, smoked oak and dark chocolate.